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Wink At home

I know quit a few people here do a lot of research for their period houses but if you just want to know e.g. why (the english) people changed e.g. their building materials from wood to bricks to sandstone and back to bricks I could recommend this book:
"At Home: A short history of private life" by Bill Bryson.
The book summary:
What does history really consists of? Centuries of people quietly going about their daily business - sleeping, eating, having sex, endeavouring to get comfortable.
And where did all these normal activities take place?
At home.
This was the thought that inspired Bill Bryson to start a journey around the rooms of his own house, an 1851 Norfolk rectory, to consider how the ordinary things in life came to be. And what he discovered are surprising connections to anything from the Crystal Palace to the Eiffel Tower, from scurvy to body-snatching, from bedbugs to the Industrial Revolution, and just about everything else that has ever happened, resulting in one of the most entertaining and illuminating books ever written about the history of the way we live.

I`m only half through the book but find it amusing, educating (no dry facts) and especially interesting because of the many victorian houses around the forum
At least I know now why there is a "drawing room" in the house which has nothing to do with drawing
And I'll have a if someone speaks of the "good old times".
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