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Originally Posted by su1866 View Post
.......wondering whether the bookcase back panel would be big enough to make a caravan or boat .....made a few doodles....its 29'' long,could do with being a bit longer but i think it would look ok...borrowed the furniture from the jwrens to get an idea of layout...may need to make the kitchen from balsa wood,the units could do with being a bit smaller.....need 2 walls for bathroom and bedroom....thought the height of 9'' would do ok for an ott or resin of 6'' and maybe 8'' depth.....trying to get as much out f the panel as i can..would have a drop down front......(watched that GEORGE fellow the other day with his 'small spaces' programme...and then you have PATTY'S lovely caravans.........i want one too..!)
Hi Sue, LOVE your drawings and the way you've 'practised' with the space - so cool I've also been watching George every week, what a fab programme, and his caravan at the end was amazing! I would go with a modern static caravan as it seems to lend itself to your plans perfectly. Either, of course, would be fantastic in your creative hands Best wishes, Karen xx
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