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i'd love to live in something small and compact,good ideas on GEORGE'S programme with those ship containers people are doing up...(.i'm too big for a dollshouse....shame!..)booooooooh!!!!
love static caravan2
I am sure with your amazing imagination you could come up with a static caravan! it would be an amazing project with all the mini stash, resin folk, Beasty and Conan you have to hand! I once stayed in one of these caravans in Blackpool for a week quite a few years back now, Marton Mere I think it was called. It was a very last minute thing 3 sister-in-laws and their families were going and one familly pulled out at the last minute due to a bereavement and we went in their place! It was fun and the boys loved the holiday park. It was the only holiday in England I ever had and the folk were so amazing to us! All these Hebrideans amongst all these Lancashire folk. It was a real laugh! and the fish and chips were as good as Stornoway's but not the black pudding! Ours is world famous. I might send you one if you like Su. xx
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