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Originally Posted by tackywaxyliz View Post
All these memories

Love the models Sergio - is that an Enterprise? My sister in law has a huge collection of Star Trek memorabilia - she's a real 'Trekkie'
yes, it is the first glorios and unforgettable NCC - 1701 USS Enterprise, the one of the classical series...i have too some other memorabilia and ALL the episodes of ALL the series..."Voyager" and "Deep Space Nine included"

Originally Posted by bambi View Post
Just spotted your models Sergio, what a great collection you have!

OH the big sci-fan in our house! I only liked Space 1999 and the old Star Trek! I loved Captain Koenig and adored Spock and Bones! and off course' Beam me up Scotty', with the worst Scottish accent ever!
poor "bones"...he passed already
I loved Space 1999"

...and does anybody remember UFO and cpt Striker? the a sky diver and UFO in my third pic are from that fiction
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