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I had a dollhouse as a child and then grew out of miniatures to do other more interesting things. Fast forward many, many, many years to a trip my hubby and I took on my retirement. We had just bought a Escalade and decided to drive to the West Coast to see family. In Seattle, we visited my sil and bil. Her mom and dad had built dollhouses for many years and she showed me the only she kept and I was in love. I decided I would get a dollhouse and so we went to a miniature store and I bought lots of things (that I later regretted, lol, speckled pots and pans) and then on to the last leg of our trip which was to CA and my other sil and bil. Hubby and I went to a miniature store and I fell in love with the Blue House. It was built by the owner of the store with no plans, just his imagination. There was another house that was awesome with all kinds of hidden rooms but way too big for the car. So, I bought the blue house (just plywood at the time) and we moved suitcases all around and it fit in just perfectly as if it was meant to be. I bought Ash House on a trip to London. In fact, 30 mins after clearing customs, while standing in line to get oyster card, I called and ordered the house and it was delivered to an address in Hatfield so no postage. Then it went by DHL to me in Bowie. I have introduced my granddaughters to the world of dollhouses and they have been getting them since they were 2. There are 3 in boxes waiting for them to finally get their permanent home so they can build them. Another generation being prepped for the forum.
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