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Hello everybody,

I spent most of the weekend scraping and cleaning different bits and bobs on the house, and so there’s nothing much to report apart from sore hands and a couple of cut knuckles!

However, I have managed to “play” a bit with the 3D printing. One of the things that I wanted to do was to replace the white roundel that’s on the top/middle/front of the house with something a little more delicate, that had some detail on it, and which would look like the sort of thing that you’d see on a real house.

So I designed a plaque that carries the year that the house was built in Roman numerals. It’s only a simple design, but it’s my first and I’m dead pleased with the results. (Easily pleased me!) The photograph shows the initial print.

Cost wise, the software that I used, Autodesk 123D Design, is available free of charge from Autodesk. There are loads of tutorial videos out on the web.

Shapeways printed the plaque in the Netherlands. It cost 1.58 euros (£1.20ish) to print, but 8.40 euros (£6.45ish) to ship. (All prices exclude VAT at 20%.) The shipping was a bit steep for such a small item, but they did use UPS and it was shipped in a ridiculously large box – I think that they could have put a couple of hundred plaques in it and there’d still be space in it for a Mars bar!

Anyway, I hope you find this interesting.

All the very best,

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