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Default Some progress... at last!

Hello everybody,

Hope that you and yours are all happy and healthy. Apologies for the delay in updating this thread, but I had some work come in and that has taken up almost all of my time.

There has been some progress.

First, Iíve purchased the remote control for my lights. It came from Malcolmís Miniatures and the unit provides remote control of 20 ďchannelsĒ Ė essentially 20 on-off switches. Each switch can control up to 30 bulbs (the whole unit is rated for 100 bulbs) and can be optionally programmed to flicker like a candle or glow like a fire. Initial testing of the unit shows that it works fine and I am pleased to have all of this functionality in just one circuit board.

I've got uses for 15 out of the 20 channels. 6 will be used for to control the fires in the rooms and the other 9 will be for the lighting in the rooms and in the stairwell. I'm saving the remaining 5 for the basement - which is the next project.

As I am finding out on this project, as I solve one problem, I create new problems for myself. Now I am wondering where to house the circuit board and how to route the wiring between it and the lights and fires. The unit also comes with a little infra-red sensor that picks up the signal from the remote control and I am wondering where to hide/place this sensor on the front of the house so that itís not too obvious. These are problems to be solved in due course.

Second, Iíve made a start on the flooring. I bought some oak floorboard strips from here and glued them onto a cardboard template that will be secured to the floors with double-sided sticky tape. The photos show them in their ďrawĒ state, but Iím planning on sanding, staining and varnishing them later to see if I can make them look older.

I am still mystified about the hole in the roof. The kind people at DHE provided me with the earliest version of kitís construction instructions that they had and thereís no sign of a hole in the roof in that document. What was I thinking back in 1991? Anyway, a replacement roof panel has been cut out from some hardboard that I had left over from a hacked Ikea bookcase and is ready to be installed after Iíve got the top floor decorated.

Thatís about it for now. Iíll try not to leave it so long next time.

Thanks once again for all of the positive comments and encouragement.

All the very best,

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