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Originally Posted by Erin Summers View Post
Hi! Sorry its taken me so long to get back! I meant to say, I like the idea of this. I have played around a little with polymer clay but when I've looked for moulds they've been very expensive for one set, so, what I'm trying to say is, each doll would have the same facial expression etc. But I'll put my hands up and say I'm pretty much a dunce with these things and I often miss what the real experts know. So I could be very wrong. It just seemed when I looked into it before as if it might cost as much as buying the dolls already. But I'm open to new ideas always. I would certainly like to do it for at least some of the dolls, just to say I did. I mean, I need so many dolls there is no saying I have to get them all from the same means, if you know what I mean. I can try lots of different methods and see which one works out best.
Well, yes every doll that comes out of a given mould will look the same . . . But . . . the beauty of polymer clay is that you can still work on it between the mould and the baking stage. It is possible to change the features and expressions of the dolls at this point. I have to admit I'm not very good at doing this, but it is possible. For example, slide a pin up the nostrils and gently waggle it about a little to make a wider nose. A good mould will be expensive, but once you have it you can use it over and over and over to make as many dolls as want. After a dozen or so dolls, the mould will have paid for itself. I have "good" mould I bought from Patricia Rose Studios and they were horribly expensive, but the results you get are worth it. A much cheaper option is to look out for Sculpey push moulds. You can get one of these with half a dozen different faces in roughly 1/12th scale. You can either graft these faces onto bodies made with more expensive moulds or try sculpting hands and feet on your own. You connect the parts with a wire armature and wrap the body with foam to give it shape.
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