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Old 14-08-2019, 10:13 AM
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Default Still more about unsatisfactory men...

Still on my quest for decent men..... (aren't we all...)

I have found a few nice DHE men but still find that the girl-with-a-beard element predominates in most dolls house dolls, unless you can afford some brilliant artisan made fellas. Which I can't, very often. I do have a couple of fantastic Jo Meds and I am currently looking with longing at some 1/12 bjd from Poland. Perhaps my birthday....
So.... I’ve been looking at some action figures. Testosterone plus, almost too much in some instances.. but I bought and bashed a bunch of them for my Celtic/punk/new traveller/Mad Max hill tribe, and my young women dolls approve!
Then I saw some Phicen figures on eBay, which seem to combine the jointed factor with the action figure bit, and more affordable than bjd, at around 50. I think I might treat myself, if we get through the MOT without visible scarring (sigh). I'll report back, if I do.
In the meantime, I have bought some slightly less jointed action figures from the wrestling genre and had much fun last night scalping them, removing the (horrid) plastic hair. One of the other advantages of wrestlers is that they are already wearing some rather fantastic boots.
The men are a bit on the tall side, but I can incorporate that into my Witchdom fantasy world, and I much prefer them to the distinctly feminine tiny men. (I think my posts about trying to lengthen a doll's tiny short legs, and ending up with a weird spindly creature, have been lost in the forum avalanche.) The women are distinctly muscular, too.
I'd love to know how other people are dealing with the man business, and if anyone already has a Phicen figure?

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Old 19-08-2019, 10:09 AM
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Wow. Unboxing my Phicen woman now. She's just gorgeous. She's quite soft but with a steel core - her construction, not her character! and her hands and feet are ball joints. I will definitely go for a fella next. I plan to be as careful as you are with the usual poseable doll, just in case.
I don't think the 1/12 size come with any other hair colour but black, but that's OK..
Quick delivery, too.
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Old 23-08-2019, 12:57 PM
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I agree with you there most of the mass production men look like women I would say. Lol!
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